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Our Venue

Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)

A creative space for arts organisations and individual artists

Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) is a great venue for productions and events, and it has a range of distinctive and dynamic venues which are easily accessible, from the proscenium stage Theatre to the experimental hall comprising of the Black Box and two Studios, an interflowing lobby which doubles as a Theatre Foyer and an Art Exhibition Corridor.

DPAC serves as a creative space for arts organisations and individual artists, accommodates specific production requirements and also provides special ambience to meetings, workshops and functions.

dpac entrance

DPAC Introduction

Stolen Tutu



A fully equipped proscenium stage of professional standard, for small scale dance, drama, musical productions and movie screening, seating 200.


black box

Black Box

A fully equipped experimental theatre of professional standard, remote platform with adjustable chair, for small scale of dance, drama and music production, seating 120.



Dance Studio

Our studios feature reception, changing rooms and waiting areas and equipped with mirrored wall, professional vinyl floor, fixed ballet barres, and a fixed sound system.


theatre foyer

Theatre Foyer

A light and airy indoor space which feels like a contemporary gallery, ideal for cocktail parties, exhibitions and functions.


exhibition corridor

Exhibition Corridor

The exhibition corridor provides a unique exhibition space for individual artists, students or organized groups to present their original works of art.


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