Tabula Rasa 2024, Choreography: Reset, Reflect, Reimagine



Tabula Rasa 2024 – Choreography: Reset, Reflect, Reimagine is a mixed-bill production featuring new contemporary works by 5 artists Chai Vivan, Raziman Sarbini, Zulkarnain Zuber, Nadhirah Rahmat, and Indian Manipur guest Surjit Nongmeikapam.

Artistic Direction by Joseph Gonzales, Creative Production by Imran Syafiq and presented by ASK Dance Company.

Tabula rasa or “blank slate,” begins with the premise that all humans are born with the ability to realise a multitude of possibilities in creativity. This production aspires to challenge preconceived ideas about dance. Choreographers who have been invited because of their individualty, and are further challenged to innovate, explore, and expand contemporary dance choreographic ideas. They (and the audience) are being asked to: Reset. Reflect. Reimagine. What is dance, and what can dance be? We hope to engage the audience in an immersive experience of dance that will be memorable and meaningful.