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This Malaysia-Japan production of The Odyssey explores how human beings resist relentless forces.



SOUL of Odyssey will weave different performative practices, traditions and elements–dialogue, storytelling, movement, dance, live videos, live music, songs, and chants–wrapped together with the aesthetic vision to create an integrated work that harmonizes sensory perceptions. In short, a multimedia, multisensory experience that informs holistically without privileging the intellect. Actors will speak in Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, English and Japanese.

This reimagined work, based on the Greek classic by Homer, devises and reimagines the hero’s journey and his attempts to rise from the ashes of war, chaos, and battles with deities. It questions and explores how human beings react to forces perceived to be out of their control. Or as in the proverbial question: “What happens to ants when elephants fight?”

This collaboration with the Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project (https://kikh.org/) gives the production an international dimension, not only on the local stage but also when the production travels. Hiroshi Koike, the artistic director, intends to take a few Malaysian performers to continue evolving the production for an international event: the Osaka Exposition 2025.

This project is sponsored by Yayasan Hasanah ArtsFAS 2023; EXPO’70 Fund, Kansai Osaka 21 Century Association

Age Limit: 12 years old and above

Website: www.klshakespeare.com.my