Les Étoiles – From Barre to Brilliance

RM 50.00



Performed by Dancelink Performing Arts

Les Étoiles – From Barre to Brilliance. Les Étoiles means “The Stars” it symbolizes the belief we have in our students’ abilities to light up the stage with their dancing. From Barre to Brilliance perfectly captures the journey our students go through, starting from learning the foundations leading to a brilliant display of artistry and skills through variations. This showcase provides a platform for our students to display their talents, passion and dedication towards this art form and the skills they have learned throughout the year which also allows them to shine brightly as a group and as an individual dancer. We can’t wait to share this evening filled with grace and elegance with you, reserve the date & see you there!

Duration: 120 minutes without intermission

Age Limit: 3 years old and above