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16 year-old Ajay must navigate the intricacies of growing up in a traditional Malaysian Indian household
while learning to explore and accept his own identity without losing the one person who matters most to
him; his mother.



Set in a house where funeral prayers are being conducted, a 16-year-old queer Indian boy, Ajay reminisces on the warm and fond memories he has of his mother, Amma. His stories also introduce us to the other prominent people in his life: his father, Appa, his mother’s brother, Uncle Raj, and his best friend, Karthik.

As the play progresses, Ajay recounts how his relationship with Amma changed when she learned that he was gay. Often described as his “best friend”, Ajay is heartbroken when Amma does not accept his sexuality. Things worsen when a video of Ajay and Karthik holding hands goes public, causing rage and disappointment in his family, particularly from Appa.

In an attempt to remedy things, Ajay breaks off his friendship with Karthik. However, when Ajay finally lashes out against Uncle Raj who has been sexually abusing him, Amma misunderstands the situations and tells Ajay that she wishes he was never born. Feeling completely alone, Ajay goes to desperate lengths to alleviate his pain.

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