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Dancer's Training Programme - Classical Ballet Season 2016

The DPAC Dancer's Training Programme (DTP) 2016 presented the third of its final showcase of the Classical Ballet Season – Divertimentos. The performing students aged between 18 and 23 are challenged by the exhilarating excerpts of Napoli, one of the sunniest creations of the great 19th century Danish choreographer, August Bournonville, and a new neo-classical creation, Sinfonia, by Malaysian choreographer, Choong Wan Chin (the Founder and Artistic Director of KL Dance Works). 

With a view to cultivating artistic exchanges, international ballet masters, Irene Lo of Hong Kong Ballet (Hong Kong) and Raymond Chai of the London Contemporary Dance School (UK) were invited to do the coaches for Divertimentos, performed by Joanna Ho, Lau Mun Yie, Leow Huey Li, Ng Shazmone, Quek Wan Yong, Rachel Seo, Sharene Yong, Yap Ving Yee, Yew Hoe Yan, nine young aspiring students of the DTP Classical Ballet Season 2016, as well as guest dancers.

18 April - 26 August 2016


Choong Wan Chin (Malaysia) - Ballet, Classical Variation & Repertoire

Irene Lo (Hong Kong) - Ballet, Classical Variation & Repertoire 

Catherine Yong Yim Ming (Germany/Malaysia) - Ballet, Classical Variation & Repertoire 

Raymond Chai (UK/Malaysia) - Ballet, Classical Variation & Repertoire 

Rachel Chew Zi Xin - Ballet, Variation & Rehearsal Assistant

Wong Jyh Shyong - Contemporary Ballet, Movement Study

Janis Claxton (Scotland) - Contemporary Dance, Movement Study 

Ming Low - Contemporary Dance

David Kam (UK/Malaysia)- Contemporary Dance, Movement Study

Bilqis Hijjas - History of Dance

Revathi Murugappan - Anatomy

Leng Poh Gee - Labanotation

Kathyn Tan - Dance Education

FINAL SHOWCASE - Divertimentos

Napoli – The Fisherman and His Bride Act 3 excerpts – Pas de Six and Tarentella

Photographed by Kelvin Chan

Napoli, or The Fisherman and His Bride is a ballet created in 1842 by August Bournonville with lilting tunes by Edward Helsted and H.S. Paulli. A romantic ballet set in the town of Naples in Southern Italy, it portrays the journey of love between Teresina, a young Italian girl and her lover Gennaro, a fisherman, and the culmination of their marriage. The dancers stage the excerpts Pas de Six and Tarentella in Act III with the batterie and speedy footwork that technically challenged the dancers.

Choreographer: August Bournonville

Rehearsal Directors: Choong Wan Chin, Irene Lo (Hong Kong), Raymond Chai (UK/Malaysia)

Rehearsal Assistants: Rachel Chew Zi Xin, Rino Fujihashi (Japan)

Dancers: Joanna Delight Ho, Lau Mun Yie, Leow Huey Li, Ng Shazmone, Quek Wan Yong, Rachel Seo Ching Li, Sharene Yong Sett Yin, Yap Ving Yee, Yew Hoe Yan

Guest Dancers: Chan Choong Yene, Julian Gan, Nix Cheek

Lighting Designer: Tan Eng Heng

Premiere on 19 August 2016 at Theatre, DPAC, Malaysia.


Photographed by (from left to right) Lim Yau Tong and Anjoey Chong 

Sinfonia was inspired by the music composed by Joe Hisaishi. The liveliness and freedom in the music reflect the physical and mental energy of the young dancers. Sinfonia comprises of 3 movements Pulsation of Light, Fugue Flashes and Divertimento for 9. In Pulsation of Lights, the movements are in tandem with the language of light around us, its appearances and disappearances and the moods it portrays. In the second movement, Fugue Flashes, the audiences face brief flashes of memories in a dissociative state. Divertimento for 9, the third movement, captures the ambience of enjoyment of the nine dancers who spend their time together in this light-hearted celebration of youth, transformation and energy. 

Choreographer: Choong Wan Chin

Dancers: Joanna Delight Ho, Lau Mun Yie, Leow Huey Li, Ng ShazmoneQuek Wan Yong, Rachel Seo Ching Li, Sharene Yong Sett Yin, Yap Ving Yee, Yew Hoe Yan

Lighting Designer: Tan Eng Heng

Premiere on 19 August 2016 at Theatre, DPAC, Malaysia


DTP 2016 Graduates

Full Time

Joanna Delight Ho

Lau Mun Yie

Leow Huey Li

Ng Shazmone

Quek Wan Yong

Rachel Seo Ching Li

Sharene Yong Sett Yin

Yap Ving Yee

Yew Hoe Yan


Part Time

Guok Wei Ni (Winnie)