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Dancer's Training Programme - Classical Ballet & Contemporary Season 2014

The Dancer's Training Programme (DTP) Season 2014 was the second season of DTP, and it expanded into  2 majors in Classical Ballet as well as Contemporary Dance, but all students would get a taste of both dances. Season 2014 included additional classes in contact improvisation, Laban Movement Analysis and choreography, to better prepare students for future careers as performers or dance instructors. International artists from Alabama Ballet (USA), Hong Kong Ballet (Hong Kong), Ballet Manila (Philippines) and London Contemporary Dance School (UK) were invited as DTP's tutors.

Season 2014 concluded with a final showcase, The Sleeping Beauty 2014 which was performed like the well-known classical ballet version for the first half, followed by an ambitious touch - the Sleeping Beauty who basically sleeps through the revolution of ballet until 2014. The principal roles of the ballet – Princess Aurora and the seven fairies– were performed by 8 young dancers from DTP 2014. Federick Lee Rocas (Principal and Soloist of Alabama Ballet of the USA) choreographed after Marius Petipa for Scene 1 that consisted of the famous fairies and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) variations from the original classical ballet of Prologue and Act 1 with original music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In Scene 2, JS Wong (DPAC Dance Company Artistic Director) not only created a contemporary interpretation of this everlasting fairy tale, he also envisioned building a performance platform for DTP students to become promising dancers. The plot of Scene 2 provided an opportunity for the student dancers to practically study and further accomplish the different styles for the development of ballet from neoclassical to contemporary.

21st March - 29th August 2014


Frederick Lee Rocas (Ballet) International Guest Tutor from Alabama Ballet (USA)
Raymond Chai (Ballet) - International Guest Tutor from London Contemporary Dance School (UK)
Yanti Marduli (Ballet) - International Guest Tutor from Ballet Manila (Philippines)
Irene Lo (Ballet) - International Guest Tutor from Hong Kong Ballet (Hong Kong)
Cher Anabo (Contemporary) - International Guest Tutor from Philippines based in US
Wong Jyh Shyong (Contemporary, Contemporary ballet, Movement study & Liberal Arts) - Former dancer of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Artistic Director of DPAC Dance Company & DPAC
Bilqis Hijjas (History of Modern Dance) -  President of MyDance Alliance, Malaysia
Leng Poh Gee (Labanotation) - Lecturer and former Head of Dance at the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya
Ming Low (Contemporary) -  Former dancer of B.W. Tanz Kompanie in Germany and Dance Theatre of Ireland in Dublin
Revathi Murugappan (Anatomy)
David Lim (Contact Improvisation) 

More about our international tutors

Photographed by Kelvin Yuen Photography

The Sleeping Beauty 2014 was performed by 8 full-time and young outstanding dancers from the DPAC Dancer's Training Programme (DTP - Classical Ballet Season 2014) and guest dancer from DPAC Dance Company (DDC). 

The Sleeping Beauty 2014 is a ballet of an enchanting ballerina being alive in our present age. Federick Lee Rocas (Principal and Soloist of Alabama Ballet of USA) choreographs after Marius Petipa for the Scene 1 that consists of the famous fairies and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) variations from the original classical ballet of Prologue and Act 1. With the twist of the story line of this fairy tale by DDC's Artistic Director, Wong Jyh Shyong (JS), Aurora in Scene 2 sleeps through the revolution of classical ballet from George Balanchine’s Neoclassical ballet, William Forsyth’s Contemporary Ballet to even most popular current dance styles which incorporate ballet aesthetic to popular music.

“I think that DPAC has a very unique version of the ballet in that it embraces its classical roots while exploring contemporary possiblities. This show is a great example of classical and contemporary dance combining to make magic on stage,” Federick concludes.

Choreographers: Frederic Lee Rocas, Wong Jyh Shyong (JS)

Rehearsal Directors: Irene Lo, Raymond Chai, Yanti Marduli

Rehearsal Assistant: Rachel Chew Zi Xin 

Guest Dancer: Kyson Teo Khai Shen 

Dancers: Chong Hoei Tzin, Foong Jia Yan, Apple Ho Yuen Han, Lim Jie Jing, Wendy Lim Wei Ni, Cindy Ng Pei Fong, Hanaa Tan Qiao Han, Shanice Yong Sett Yee

Original Lighting Designer: Tan Ching Kui

Set Designer: David Wong

Premiere on 22 August 2014 at Theatre, DPAC, Malaysia


DTP 2014 Graduates
Ballet Majoring - Full Time
Apple Ho Yuen Han
Chong Hoei Tzin
Cindy Ng Pei Fong
Foong Jia Yan
Lim Jie Jing
Lim Wei Ni
Hanaa Tan Qiao Han 
Shanice Yong Sett Yee

Ballet Majoring - Part Time
Puteri Aisya Marissa

Contemporary Dance Majoring - Part Time
Chan Choong Yene
Maryann Fatima Karim
Siti Ostella Adam
Silver Yee Xi Wun 

Contemporary Dance Majoring - Casual
Tan Peh Kuan
Tan Shioa Por
Vicky Yap Hwui Yuen