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d'Arts Programme >  

Community Outreach Programme 2016
by DPAC & University of Sultan Idris

Engaging the Next Generation in Performing Arts
We strive to provide opportunities for student bodies to attend cultural performing arts performances in the hope of awakening an appreciation for the arts and influencing future behavioural patterns. Thus, ticket discounts and activities of outreach are offered to students and the younger generation in the surrounding community. We believe that through the exposure to performing arts, our local community may grow to appreciate the goodness, the truth, and the beauty.

About the Programme
Arts and culture is losing its attraction among the current generation. Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) in collaboration with Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) aim to create greater awareness of performing arts through the Community Outreach Programme so as to preserve and promote traditional dance forms to young students.

To build a better community through arts.

The biggest barrier for students without a pre-existing interest in the arts is the lack of confidence resulting from the feeling that they do not possess enough knowledge to enjoy the experience. This can be resolved by first broadening the exposure and, then, encouraging greater awareness and, finally, supporting a deeper appreciation of dance.
We believe the arts needs to be taught from childhood, and that it can make a person to be a better human being.

Primary & secondary school students.

1. To safeguard the local dance forms for the younger generation.
2. To encourage students to be involved in performing arts.

Class Details
Date: 1st August – 4th September 2016
Duration: 2 hours per class per week

1. Dance genre offered: Tarian Wau Bulan (Kelantan), Ulek Mayang (Terengganu)Tarian Endang (Negeri Sembilan),               Tarian Tempurung, Tarian Datun Julud (Sarawak), and Tarian Sumazau (Sabah).
2. The teachers are students of UPSI Dance Department under the supervision of dance lecturers from UPSI with professional           dance background.
3. The artists share their experiences with the students. Attendees can acquire information on current topics of interest in the       dance world.
4. The final presentation will be on 4th September 2016 at DPAC.
5. The programme is free of charge. Please note that it is a first come, first served booking.

Important: *Teachers will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents involving students during classes. 


School’s Responsibilities

1.  A minimum of 12 students is required to start the programme.

2.  The school should provide a suitable place for conducting the class.

3.  The school is responsible for the transportation of the students for their performance at DPAC. 

Please stay tune for 2017!!! For more information, please email to Mr. Heng at engheng76@gmail.com / Ms. Perine Siew at perine.dpac@gmail.com.