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D for Dancing 2014

Mirror Image - July 2014           
Presented by DPAC Dance Company & In Collaboration with Mirramu Dance Company(Australia) and Dancecology(Taiwan)

Reflections of Land and People

“Mirror Image is a powerful, thoughtful and accomplished work…a remarkable collaboration.” by Bill Stephens, CityNews (Australia, 2014)

An international collaboration of DPAC Dance Company(Malaysia), Mirramu Dance Company(Australia) and Dancecology(Taiwan). By the universal language of dance, Mirror Image addresses the universal human need for connection to place and the importance of recognizing and restoring this connection. The collaboration between artists in Malaysia, Australia and Taiwan is a meaningful gesture both on the aesthetic and cultural values. The project expects to invite the audience to experience the beauty of nature and awake their environmental awareness by the language of dance and the beauty of theatre.

The Sleeping Beauty 2014 - August 2014   Presented by DPAC Dance Company

When Sleeping Beauty sleeps through the poetic revolution of classical ballet

D for Dancing 2014 - The Sleeping Beauty 2014 is to be performed by 8 young outstanding dancers from the DPAC Dancer's Training Programme (DTP - Classical Ballet Season 2014) and guest dancers from DPAC Dance Company (DDC).

The Sleeping Beauty 2014 is a ballet of an enchanting ballerina being alive in our present age. Federick Lee Rocas (Principal and Soloist of Alabama Ballet of USA currently) choreographs after Marius Petipa for the Scene 1 that consists of the famous fairies and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) variations from the original classical ballet of Prologue and Act 1. With the twist of the story line of this fairy tale by DDC Artistic Director, Wong Jyh Shyong (JS), Aurora in Scene 2 sleeps through the revolution of classical ballet from George Balanchine’s Neoclassical ballet, William Forsyth’s Contemporary Ballet to even most popular current dance styles which incorporate ballet aesthetic to popular music.

Here It Goes Again - October 2014   
Presented by Siu Lung Fung Dance Company (Hong Kong) & In Collaboration with DPAC Dance Company (Malaysia)

 A theatre experience passing through death and life and shocking your mind!

Based on the stunning work “Here It Goes Again” by Cyrus Hui (Hong Kong) and “Once” by Wong Jyh Shyong (JS) (Malaysia), these two Asian young choreographers exchange their views on social and artistic values in depth and restage it in a double bill. Through the cooperation with local dancers, the original choreograph of Cyrus will be decorated with local favours and filled with new energy. While JS presents a new choreograph as a respect to the social context of the psychology themed dance theatre performance.

Here It Goes Again Teaser

Here It Goes Again (excerpt)