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d'Next Artist Project - Season One     

dNA 1

Four upcoming artists were selected for the first season of d’Next Artist Project (d’NA) to present their new works from 26th to 28th September 2014. 

Programme Highlights:

 Memori - The Story of Andhika Pramuthya [Musical]   
Presented by Nik Nabil
A love story spiced with modern-traditional dance interpretation and original pop songs.

• The Lost of Tradition  [Theatre & Music]
Presented by Lee Yee Han
Calling audiences’ attention to traditional Chinese art before we lose our cultural tradition.

 Seringgit [Theatre]    
Presented by Simply Theater Activist Ghetto (STAGE)     
A humour enlightening play reveals the human greed and the power of Seringgit holds.

• Sarimah Murder Story  [Theatre] 
Presented by Sisi Seni Production 
A noir-detective-conceptual play.

 WATCH: d'Next Artist Project Season One - Trailer

d'Next Artist Project - Season Two     

dNA 2

Another four upcoming artists have been selected for d’Next Artist Project (d’NA) Season Two to present their new works from 31st October to 2nd November 2014 after the series premiere on September 2014.  

Programme Highlights:

 B.E.D.  [Physical Theatre] 
Presented by Lee Ren Xin
A multi-layered and visceral dance theatre experience.

• The Little Prince [Theatre] 
Presented by Glowing Planet Production  
A combination of live actors with visual projection experience.

 Jade [Theatre]
Presented by In Three Minds Theatre

A psychological journey to question our moral conscience.  

• Love knows no gender  [Musical] 
Presented by Perassath Servai Vedagiri
Making music videos to come alive in a live performance. 

WATCH: d'Next Artist Project Season Two - Trailer

d'Next Artist Project - Season Three   

Soon after eight artists shone the spotlight on the d’Next Artist Project (d’NA) Seasons One and Two, the forthcoming Season Three in May 2015 featuring four more promising artists who are geared up with two dance and two theatre works!

Programme Highlights: 
• Skandal Lepas Mati [Theatre] 
Presented by Sisi Seni Production - A local Indie entity embodies films and video footage into a live performance.
A conceptual story about Mustafa who is stuck in a room, and is told that he is on his way to a world afterlife. What would you think if you could live your life as someone else? 

• Trace [Dance] 
Presented by Kyson Teo Khai Shen - A returning dancer bodily portrays his story in a choreographer’s role.
A dance that explores the aspects of human virtual connections which can never be replaced. A movement between trace and distance. More connected yet more detached.

• Rasuk [Theatre] 
Presented by Yizai Seah - His first foray into script writing and directing with native elements.
Synopsis: A monologue play about the defined true version on the death of Mak Long. Stories from different perspectives of love, forgiveness, morality and ethics are embedded within.

• Speaking To... [Dance] 
Presented by Jinn Lau Beh Chin - Her European exposure has invoked a sense of self-discovery.
A piece that transforms memories into vocabulary of movement, like learning to breathe again and being aware of who we are. There are only memories left when I want to speak to you.

d'Next Artist Project - Season Four   

From the overall unpublished works by local artists, four creations had been selected to be developed and performed at the d’Next Artist Project (d’NA) Season Four from 22nd to 24th April 2016 at the Black Box, Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). 

Programme Highlights: 
 Leila/Laila [Musical]
Presented by Liver and Lung Productions 
A stylistic theatre company's performance strikes a unique balance between Kathak and Flamenco with live music accompaniment.

• Life’s Nightmare [Mime]
Presented by Ash in the Ashes 
A contemporary mime act gives a different twist to traditional miming.

• Dialogues between CendawanS [Physical Theatre]
Presented by Leow Hui Min 
A multidisciplined artist physically uncovers the keywords of his current life on stage.

• The Hotel [Theatre]
Presented by Anomalist Production 
A young theatre company elicits your perspectives of life with its latest original stage play.