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Specturm: Evening of Instrumental Artistry

Spectrum was found in 2017, is the first music recital series produced by DPAC in the aim of creating good quality music productions for the local audience.

"Spectrum 2017"

The First Spectrum in 2017 have invited four groups of musicians to present four completely different styles of concerts for four nights, providing the audience with an auditory feast between the modern and the primitive, the east and the west.

Dialogue with the Ruan by Ong May Yi

Once Upon A Time   by 16strings String Quartet 

The Source by Tan Su Yin

Seketika Sebelum Merdeka by WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble


"Spectrum 2018"

The performances presented at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) has always been in the interest of exploring various elements than being confined to a single component of show. In 2017, DPAC once again gathers these famous local musicians to create another round of concert. The arrangement of the songs was showcase an interpretation of Western and oriental classical music as well as instruments that has strong Malaysian characteristics, to create a unique musical feast made especially for music enthusiasts.

First Night:An Evening of Jazz

Performed by  : Julian Chan Music Productions

Second Night: Layang-layang

Performed by  : Yuan Leow Yunn

Third Night: Getaran Alam

Performed by  : Muhardiman Ismail (Mohar)

Forth Night: Xún

Performed by  : Sara Heng


"Spectrum 2019"

Unlike past years’ “Spectrum”, DPAC intends to bring Malaysia’s unique traditional music to the theatre this year and allow the world to hear the forgotten Beauty of Nature’s Voice. 

This year’s “Spectrum” invites Lan e Tuyang and Gangsapura, two traditional music groups that showcases the traditional art forms of the Kayan and Kenyah people of Borneo and Gamelan, respectively. With the theme of nature in mind, these works will serenade you with tributes to Heaven and Earth. Get ready to feel the complex artistry and deep emotions of their music. 

First Night: Kelunan

National Living Heritage - Lan e Tuyang Talks About Love Through Sape', Parap and Dance

Second Night: Buka Langkah: Inner Resonance

Malaysian Traditional Orchestra Gangsapura Will Play the Cheerful and Ethereal Gamelan

**Media Coverage: 




Spectrum 2020

This is DPAC’s most ambitious Spectrum yet, featuring audio-visual classical concert “The Boutique of Dreams” by Mei Lin Hii that sees piano, paper, poetry, and videography coming together to create a dreamlike experience. Then, music gets a colourful treatment from Colour of Voices in “Colour of Voices in Concert.” Performing art’s glowing pearl, Lim Wei Siong, brings us along on the concert debut of his work, “Journey”. And finally, Evelyn Toh seeks to present womanhood and women’s love in its multifaceted form in “Les fleurs .Les femmes”.

Programme 1: The Boutique of Dreams

Pianist: Mei Lin Hii | Actor: Ghafir Akbar

Paper Artist: Anne Dé | Video: Arnaud Blondel | 

Photo courtesy/credit: Cheryl Hoffmann 

Programme 2: Colour of Voices in Concert

Beatboxer | Group Leader | Producer        : 


Soprano | Vocal Coach                                 : 

Kru | Krutika Muralidharan

Bassist | Arranger                                          : 

Shark | Jaswan Abdullah

Baritone | Vocalist                                         : 

Joe | Juhairee Khan

Tenor 1 | Vocalist                                          : 

Asnal | Asnal Nashriq Bin Khirrudin

Tenor 2 | Vocalist                                          : 

Ikhwan | Mohammad Ikhwan Shah

Programme 3: Journey

Erhu & Pipa: Lim Wei Siong 

Music Director: Yuan Leow Yunn

Programme 4: Les fleurs . Les femmes

Vocal: Evelyn Toh | Pianist & Composer: Tay Cher Siang

Saxophonist: Yow Weng Wai | Bassist: Aj Popshuvit

Drummer/Percussionist: Adriel Wong