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About DPAC Festival to Damansara International Arts Festival

In the aim to make Damansara a place for the arts to live DPAC launch Damansara International Arts Festival 2018 (DIAF 2018) with the objective to spread the arts to wider public. We believe that performing arts can enrich and enhance the lives of all, either through creation or appreciation. Besides, arts should be made easily accessible for both artists and audiences to enjoy and interact with one another.

DIAF 2018

Inconjuction of celebrating our 5th anniversary and to pursue our dream to make DPAC an art hub where artists and the public can converge to share their passion and joy, we launch the Damansara International Arts Festival 2018(DIAF2018) “Convergence 2”.


Brought by the leading Malaysian jazz band WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble and Japanese musicians

A new creation by Manifesto Poetico, directed by Carlos García Estévez, with Paige Allerton and Paulo Serantes, 
along with talents from Malaysia, included Jo Kukathas, Ling Tang, Kathy Tan, Ng Siu Yee, Leong Kah Miu, Yeo Lyle, 
Lim Pei Ern, Alfred Loh, Mohd Syafic Aminuddin Bin Hussin ( Mat Din Hussin), Imran Syafiq Bin Mohd Affandi and Kent Lee.

Puppet Festival
Puppet performances across modern and ancient times.

        My Shadow and Me by Drew Colby (UK) 

        Monkey King VS The Red Boy by Ming Yok Feng (Penang) /

        Adab Berguru by BaiZam Generation (Kelantan)

International dance showcase choreography from Greece, China, USA, Mozambique and Malaysia.

Darkness Poomba

Presented by renowned choreographer Kim Jae Duk with his Modern Table Dance Company. 

The highly acclaimed dance performance that marks a perfect end for DIAF 2018.