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Image MIX BILL by KENNY SHIM Date/Time:
2nd August 2019 (Fri), 8.30 PM
3rd August 2019 (Sat), 3.30 PM
3rd August 2019 (Sat), 8.30 PM
4th August 2019 (Sun), 3.30 PM
4th August 2019 (Sun), 8.30 PM


Bill 1 [2nd August 8.30pm, 3rd August 3.30pm]

– Dramatis Personae by  and Time Moves Slow by Möbius Dance (U.K.)

Bill 2 [3rd August 8.30pm, 4th August 3.30pm & 8.30pm]

– Shades of Shadow by Kenny Shim, Dramatis Personae or Time Moves Slow by Möbius Dance (U.K.), and Human Gianluca Vincentini Kenny Shim.

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Ticket Information:
presented by KENNY SHIM

A performance of four (4) contemporary dance works; by Kenny Shim & Collective and Möbius Dance (U.K.) Artistic Direction by Gianluca Vincentini.

Möbius Dance will present an energetic, passionate and highly physical performance featuring two robust contemporary dance works bringing together two generations of choreographers Jamaal Burkmar and Douglas Thorpe.

Time Moves Slow by Jamaal Burkmar is seen through 4 different perspectives, inspired by 4 different songs, acknowledging 4 different heroes tasked with the climbing the same mountain and overcoming the same challenge, embracing the choice to do it together rather than alone.

Dramatis Personae by Douglas Thorpe highlights the meeting of contrasting personalities leads to weird
and wonderful, occasionally awkward behaviour. Sometimes we have to put on a brave face to get along with each other.


Based on Alain de Button's acclaimed book 'The Course of Love', Kenny Shim & Collective explores the human intricacies in a thought provoking dance work entitled Shades of Shadow, that challenges and reflects the nature of human relationships.

The fourth dance piece is a collaborative work between dancers from Malaysia and U.K. co-choreographed by Gianluca Vincentini and Kenny Shim entitled Human

Besides presenting works of international standards, this project continues to nurture and build creative networking between local and international artists to further elevate the contemporary dance practice. 

2nd August 2019 (Fri), 8.30 PM
3rd August 2019 (Sat), 3.30 PM
3rd August 2019 (Sat), 8.30 PM
4th August 2019 (Sun), 3.30 PM
4th August 2019 (Sun), 8,.30 PM


Blackbox, DPAC

Performance Duration:
90 minutes including 2 intermissions, 10 minutes per intermission

Free Seating

Ticket Information:

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