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14th January 2022 (Fri), 8.00 PM
15th January 2022 (Sat), 8.00 PM
16th January 2022 (Sun), 3.00 PM

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Ticket Price:
RM58.00 (Normal)
RM50.00 (Dcard)

Entry Requirement:
*Fully vaccinated 14 days (2 weeks) after receiving your second dose of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac vaccine.
**Individuals who have received the Johnson & Johson or CanSino vaccine will only be considered fully vaccinated 28 days after receiving their jab.
**Please show the vaccination certificates at the entrance. 
presented by DPAC

"Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) believes that the arts can bring light into the darkness, warm our hearts, and provide sensory delight and spiritual comfort. Especially when the world fights a raging pandemic, finding outlets for respite is more necessary than ever.
To this end, DPAC is proud to launch “Harapan Di Hadapan”, meaning “hope is ahead”. We aim to revive the performing arts industry, rouse the hope of artists, and restore some joy to the world. "


Genre: Theatre

where water meets land, where the in-between matters, and when life is always a boat floating away from the shore...
what do we do when the tangible is out of reach?
do we hold for hope or defeat ourselves?

Director: Tristen ZiJuin 
A fabulous freak of nature, Tristen ZiJuin is an artist and educator that believes that speech, movement and expressive arts are key in cultivating astute minds. He received his Diploma in Entertainment Arts from KDU University College in 2017 and has since been actively involved in the performing arts scene in Malaysia. Some of his notable works include Work From Home, PohLiThik, Wayang Mak Yong Stories, Catch-22 and Theatre of The Arts. 

An award winning storyteller, his works are driven by a compulsive need to investigate socio-psychological relationships and a desire to communicate with the wider public. Today, he is keen to work on interdisciplinary collaborations based on the ethos that is act-laugh-move-make-communicate that promotes diversity, inclusion, creative expression and sparks conversation.
Playwright|Director: Charity Yong

Charity began performing in 2014 in Penang through high school musical theatre productions. She believes that through theatre, we find part of ourselves in the story and characters; making discoveries about ourselves, one another and the world we live in. As a creator, Charity is drawn to the uncomfortable, uncertain and vulnerable aspects of the performing arts. She also finds herself drawn to scripts that are written by Malaysians, for Malaysians. Now based in KL, Charity has taken new opportunities in the field of performing, directing and writing. Now enroute to completing her Bachelor in Performing Arts (Hons) with Taylor’s University The Actor’s Studio, she is excited to continue to nurture and inspire young aspiring performing artist in Malaysia.


Genre: Diabolo Dance

"The meaning of life is to be loyal to my persistence and find my own value. Pulling the diabolo is my persistence, and accompanies me to create value along the way."-Ryn Mah

On the long road of pulling the diabolo, perseverance become a testimony of his transformation.

One success or one hundred failures is equivalent to one hundred and one perseverance; or ten thousand failures is equivalent to ten thousand perseverance.

In the last two years of the pandemic, what Ryn Mah faced was not just a simple matter of continuous hard work after failure. Facing the pressures brought on by life, perseverance and persistence gradually became out of reach. But only by continuing to put in hard work can we return to the stage once again. In "Perseverance", Ryn Mah showcases his dance foundation and exquisite art of pulling the diabolo, presenting a self that is built from the heart, perseverance, and continuous innovation.

Choreographer: Ryn Mah 
Ryn Mah is a full-time performing arts worker. His main concentration is the Diabolo. While enrolled at the Chinese Independent Middle School in Malaysia, Ryn began learning about the ring. Ryn has more than 10 years of experience in the ring. 
At the same time, he is also a practitioner of Chinese and modern dance. He is currently a dancer at the Hanfeng Dance Company in Kuala Lumpur.

Ma Zhengwen has participated in many performances and competitions at home and abroad. Some of these competitions include the 2017 4th Asian Cup Tiaoling Competition (where he won eighth place in the international open individual men's category) and MAGNUM 4D Show off Talent Search 2015 (overall champion).

In addition, he is also a keen performer in theatre. As a dancer, he has performed in "Dancing in the Wind" and "Twelve Sides Dance"; additionally, he was a bell performer and choreographer for “Cré Arts Asia”.
In 2019, as a producer and art director, he produced Malaysia’s first locally-produced ringing theatre titled "Ling•Yi".

3. “Give back my life”

Genre: Experimental Theatre

According to Wikipedia, the phenomenon of road deaths refers to the death of animals on the road due to the collision or rolling of motor vehicles, commonly known as "road killing".

In this play, two animals are furious when their family members were killed by reckless driving. In response, they go to the gathering place for humans to lodge a complaint in the hopes that humans can learn to value an animal’s right to life.

This stage play requires audience interaction, similar to the effect of Forum Theatre. Audiences will be given the power to vote on site. Through this, they get to actively and consciously make choices that could change their environment and, hopefully, protect the welfare of animals. 

Director Lee Yee Han believes that this is the true meaning of "Harapan Di Hadapan" — by allowing people to consciously feel and implement hope. Hope is indeed ahead, but we must promote the power of change, not passivity. 

Director: Lee Yee Han
Lee Yee Han has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) from National Taipei University of the Arts. In 2007, he worked as a professional director and professional actor at Taiwan Guo Tuo Theater. He returned to Malaysia in 2010 and served as a lecturer in the Department of Drama and Imaging at Kajang New Era University and the Hanshin School of Communication. The works have been performed in major cities in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and China. In 2011, he established a good thing happening studio, joined the management of Now Theater, and won the BMW SHORTIES 2012 for BEST ACTOR. He is a former director of art teaching at Ray-I, a Chinese performance company, and currently promotes children's educational drama and youth drama.

Actor: Lennard Oung Chia Chun, Koh Xin Yu


Genre: Theatre

Originally, the water disruption notice said three days. But it’s now the eighth day.

The media has hailed this as the worst public service failure in a decade. Ministers refused to step down. Three roommates were stuck in a shared apartment for much longer than usual. The house looked like it went through a disaster, littered with takeaway orders and empty water bottles.

Danny, Angie, and Bateman realized the fact that they needed water. However, due to various concerns about the outside world, they could not leave home for months.

However, the odour from the body overwhelmed them, and to bathe with bottled water was too expensive.
Their collective struggle consisted of trying to persuade one another to go to the waterwheel downstairs and risk bringing water home...
The threat of the unknowns was pushing them to the edge of irrationality...

Director/Scriptwriter: Tarrant Kwok
Tarrant Kwok is the stage manager most commonly associated with theatrethreesixty as well as Venue/Technical Manager for Lot’ng Arts Space. Most other times, he is a copywriter and all-round creative collaborator, working in corporate and creative sectors alike. Apart  from stage managing many shows, he also adapted The Fall of the House of Usher to stage in 2018. Most recently he wrote the script for (the) anthropic for Short and Sweet 2021.

Producers: Wendy Wong & Engku Armand

14th January 2022 (Fri), 8.00 PM
15th January 2022 (Sat), 8.00 PM
16th January 2022 (Sun), 3.00 PM

Theatre, DPAC

Performance Duration: 
80 minutes

Ticket Price:
RM58.00 (Normal)
RM50.00 (Dcard)

Entry Requirement:
*Fully vaccinated 14 days (2 weeks) after receiving your second dose of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac vaccine.
**Individuals who have received the Johnson & Johson or CanSino vaccine will only be considered fully vaccinated 28 days after receiving their jab.
**Please show the vaccination certificates at the entrance. 

Ticket Office:
1. H-01, DPAC, Empire Damansara, 
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
03-4065 0001, 4065 0002

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