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Applied Theatre Workshop by Melissa Eveleigh (UK)

pplied Theatre Workshop
by Melissa Eveleigh (UK)

Melissa will draw upon her practice of applied theatre for development whilst she was working in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and share an approach that combines physical play, forum theatre, social change and activism.

The workshop will explore the use of chorus to find social voice and look at how physical dynamics can be used to illuminate and build upon Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed. Through practical and physical exercises, the  participants will embody social actions, power dynamics and interrogate how the chorus  speaks  to society. Moving beyond Augusto Boal,  they will be asked on how a performance and the audience’s engagement can activate change. Provocation, alienation and discovery will be strong themes, but as the creativity of the performer is the centre of this work, the thematic direction will be defined by the group at the end.

● Learning different methods of applied theatre.
● Using physical methods and exercises to explore social and political conceptions.
● Exploring  various performing  artists and their means of discovery and struggles with social issues.

● Political Theatre
● Theatre of the Oppressed
● Physical Theatre
● Audience Engagement

● Discover their identity as a citizen artist.
● Develop methods and tools for applied theatre.
● Generate  critical perspective and visions on social issues.

Dates:     4th – 6th September 2017 (Monday – Wednesday)
Time:     10am – 6pm (with 1 hour lunch break)
Venue:    Black Box, DPAC
Fees:      RM 350 (Normal) / RM  300 (DCard Member)
Target:   Max. 20 pax. (Min. 12 pax, Ages: 16 years and above)

*Suitable for singers, dancers, actors and anyone interested in exploring social issues with their bodies.

**Please click here to download the online enrollment form, send the completed form to perine.dpac@gmail.com or 
fax to (+603) 4065 0003. 

***Sign up a 
DPAC membership card for only RM10 to get the discount for the workshop now!



  ABOUT Melissa Eveleigh

Melissa Eveleigh is an Arts and Communication expert specialising in theatre for good governance, dialogue and justice. She  has broad grassroots in Southern Africa and South Asia such as  training practitioners in a wide range of drama-based processes, devising and touring issue-based performances, designing and implementing community-based education, national campaigning, using theatre, radio and communication for awareness, engagement and policy interaction. 

With more than  12 years of experience living and working in Southern Africa, Melissa co-founded and managed the award-winning Arts and Development NGO, Nanzikambe Arts. Whilst there, she established a national programme for the arts, a national network of practitioners using social research, interactive theatre, and local media for positive change, and a theatre-for-decision-makers programme. The  programmes delivered changes in the areas of governance, justice, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and Malaria prevention. 

In Zimbabwe, she has worked extensively at the community level, providing assistance to CAFOD and GIZ building relations between the local authorities and the residents in the context of economic collapse and the recent political violence. In Malawi, Kenya and Bangladesh, she trained paralegals, counsellors, restorative justice practitioners, and social mobilisers  and designed a 5 year action-oriented communication framework for the Bangladesh GIZ Rule of Law programme.