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 DPAC Arts Festival 2016    

 Music In Fusion 
Explore the confluence of contemporary music with other art forms in this work-in-progress performance by the participants of the workshop led by Goh Lee Kwang. 

29 July (Fri) 
           30 July (Sat) 
 TIME: 7.30pm - 8.00pm 
 VENUE: Studio 2, DPAC 
 TICKETS: Free Admission 

Ticketing Enquiries: DPAC (+603)4065 0001, 4065 0002
Media Enquiries: Ms. Maggie (maggie.ong.dpac@gmail.com)

 Looking at 21st Century Experimental Music & Work In Progress  by Goh Lee Kwang   
 Explore the confluence of contemporary music with other art forms.

Goh is a sound artist and composer who also runs the label Herbal Records as well as organizes the Switch On Mini Festival. Goh is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship, Stuttgart, Germany in 2004 -2005, the Klangraum Fellowship, Krems, Austria in 2006 and the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede Fellowship 2008 while his own ‘bandcamp’ page features a staggering 270 releases. 

About The Workshop 
The workshop is a combination of a 3-day lecture, a brainstorming session and a discussion, the outcome of which will be a 2-day performance. The piece to be performed will be based on the understanding of the lecture, the ideas from the participants (who are also the performers), followed by discussions and guidance by Goh Lee Kwang. The participants, regardless of their arts backgrounds, will be given about a 6-hour lecture on 21st century experimental music covering field recording, electronic music and improvisation. Subsequently, the participants will come up with a collective piece for the performance, using whatever art forms (dance, video, music, spoken words, etc) that they are good at or are comfortable with.

 DATE: 26 July (Tues): Lecture on 21st Century Experimental Music 
           27 July (Wed): Brainstorm, Discuss and Create Works 
           28 July (Thu): Create and Finalize Works 
 TIME: 10.00am - 5.00pm 
 VENUE: Studio 2, DPAC 
 TICKETS: RM 220 (Normal) 
                RM 200 (DCard Member**) 

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*Please click here to download the Workshop's Enrolment Form
 Please send the completed form to workshops.dpac@gmail.com or fax to (+603) 4065 0003