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 DPAC Arts Festival 2016    

 Dancing in Place - City Site  by MyDance Alliance 
Get caught up in a fun and informal excursion of ‘Dance Meets Architecture’ in seven short dance works.

MyDance Alliance, founded in 2001, brings together dance practitioners and enthusiasts to support and promote dance in Malaysia by focusing on the five aspects: Education & Training, Research & Documentation, Creation & Presentation, Support and Development. A network organisation with local and international links, MyDance Alliance is a member of the World Dance Alliance.

About The Performance 
‘Dancing in Place’ is a celebration of dance on site, originally presented at Rimbun Dahan, and it is now at DPAC and its vicinity. The module invites dance artists, both local and international, to create works outside the traditional theatre setting. This first city site is a dialogue between dance and architecture. Participating dance artists create short works in response to a particular site, inspired by its architecture or design. From an industrial walkway to a decorative staircase, audiences are taken out of the theatre to observe the conversation between dance and the environment.


1.      Choo Tee Kuang & Loke Soh Kim

2.      Jabar Laura

3.      Kwang Tung Dance Company

4.      Lee Ren Xin

5.         Suhaili Micheline

With International guests

1.      David Kam (UK/Malaysia)

2.      Janis Claxton (UK/Australia) & DPAC Dance Company

* This is a site specific performance, so it is not accessible for wheelchairs.

* Audiences will have to stand and walk from site to site, so casual wear and comfortable shoes are recommended.

* Some of the pieces may be cancelled or moved indoors depending on the weather. 

* Please call DPAC at (+603) 4065 0001 / 4065 0002 to confirm.

 DATE: 30 July (Sat) 
           31 July (Sun) 
 TIME: 5.30pm 
 TICKETS: Free Admission 

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Ticketing Enquiries: DPAC (+603)4065 0001, 4065 0002
Media Enquiries: Ms. Maggie (maggie.ong.dpac@gmail.com)