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 DPAC Arts Festival 2016    
Music  Calligraphy, Dance, Fashion Design, Visual Art
 Opium   by Hands Percussion
Artistic expressions focus on music with a minor in calligraphy, dance, fashion design and visual art by French and Malaysian artists.

Hands Percussion (HANDS), an innovative Malaysian percussion ensemble, has been astounding audiences at home and internationally since 1997. Their award winning performances are creative, passionate and stunning. HANDS continues to be progressive by venturing into contemporary percussive music, new instruments, culture and music. Education is fundamental to HANDS as they give back to society through education programmes in local schools.

About The Performance
OPIUM is a journey about perspective and taking risks. A risk is worth taking when the benefits could change your life. A risk is worth taking when you are driven by dreams, passion and courage. Reflective of a past that has tinges of dark but endearing memories is the soul behind OPIUM. Memories based on events perceived as risky by some and necessary by others. Perception is what shapes an individual’s journey. We face challenges daily. Challenges in the simplest or complicated of tasks. Some handle it easily others struggle. In the simplest ways you face it at every moment of your life. Memories and life can be shaped by seeing things simply from an impassioned heart. Happy memories that you can choose to see and take away with you. It’s why we are collaborating with friends for OPIUM. Each one of us with unexpected views of each other’s lives. It is a reminder that an optimistic perspective of life is the key to living a full one. It’s how you stay happy.

Artistic Director: Bernard Goh
Music Director: Miu Ng
Arranger: Yuan Leow Yunn
French Artists: Florian Antier, Mathilde Limal, Anne Deguerry
Malaysian Artists: Bernard Goh, Ong Chia Koon, Joe Chia, Wong Jyh Shyong (JS), Mohd Azli Bin Taslim, Muji Lee, Aluba Khan, Malaysian Artists:  Howz and Hands Percussion

 DATE & TIME: 26 July (Tue), 8.30pm 
                       27 July (Wed), 8.30pm 
                       28 July (Thu), 8.30pm 
                       29 July (Fri), 8.30pm 
                       30 July (Sat), 8.30pm 
                       31 July (Sun), 8.30pm 
 VENUE: Outdoor, DPAC 
 TICKETS: RM128 (Normal) 
                RM115 (DCard Member**/HANDS Club Member) 

**Sign up as DCard member now and enjoy FREE life-time membership!

* This is a site specific performance, so it is not accessible for wheelchairs.
* Audiences will have to stand and walk from site to site, so casual wear and comfortable shoes are recommended.

Ticketing Enquiries: DPAC (+603)4065 0001, 4065 0002
Media Enquiries: Ms. Maggie (maggie.ong.dpac@gmail.com)