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Children & Adult Drumming Workshops 2017
- Drumming with HANDS Percussion Team!

The Hands Percussion Team (HANDS) is a renowned Malaysian drumming group which has been a part of the Malaysian performing arts scene since 1997. Its art form has been described as contemporary theatrical drumming infused with Shigu (獅鼓) drums and diverse South-east Asian musical instruments.

Now, here is your opportunity to enrol in the HANDS’ Drumming Workshop! Learn how to play the Chinese Shigu drum in 10 lessens for Children and 12 lessons for Adult. The course will provide basic drumming techniques and patterns used in 24 Festive Drumming.

We know that playing a musical instrument has a very positive impact on a person. Studies show that the violin was the number one instrument which encouraged brain development, the popular piano was only number eight, and it was the drums that came in a close second! Join us now!


• How to develop a good sense of rhythm

• Technic of playing the Chinese drum

• Basic knowledge of joints and muscles

• Limbs and body coordination and balance

• Introduction to 24 Festive Drumming knowledge and music theory

• Participants who complete the workshops will receive a HANDS’ certificate. You may also get the opportunity to go on stage!!




Children Drumming Workshop

Adult Drumming Workshop


9 – 12 years old

13 – 65 years old


Year 2017

June – 10, 17, 24

July – 1, 15, 29

August – 5, 12, 19, 26

Year 2017

June – 10, 17, 24

July – 1, 15, 16, 29, 30

August – 5, 12, 19, 26


10 lessons

12 lessons


2pm – 3.30pm (1.5 hours)

4pm – 6pm (2 hours)


Studio 1, DPAC

Studio 1, DPAC


 (Student Price)      RM  900

(Normal)    RM  1300

(Dcard Member) RM  1200

Registration Fees

RM    60

RM      60

RM     60


RM 960

(Normal)   RM 1360

(Dcard Member) RM 1260

 Registration fee:  RM60 (includes a pair of drumsticks, a T-shirt and complimentary HANDS Club membership)

• Number of participants: Limited to 20 persons (min. 10 persons to start the class)

*Please click CHILDREN / ADULT  to download the online enrollment form, send the completed form to perine.dpac@gmail.com or fax to (+603) 4065 0003. 

**Sign up for a DPAC membership card for only RM10 to get the discount for the workshop now!

Facebook page: 



ABOUT Jack Wan
Percussionist/Rehearsal Master/Head of Gamelan Group

Jack has been a full-time percussionist with HANDS Percussion since 2009. As Head of Gamelan, Jack composes, leads and manages the group in gamelan lessons and rehearsals. He learned to play the timpani from former Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) Principal Timpanist, Paul Philbert, the Malay hand drum from Kamrul Hussin founder of Geng Wak Long and is currently learning the marimba from Tan Su Yin, former Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) Principal Percussionist. He is also learning the tabla from Prakash Kandasamy at the Temple of Fine Arts. 

At the 10th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in 2013 he and fellow team member, Jimmy Ch’ng were awarded the ‘Best Original Composition’ award for the piece “Chapter 2: Mechanics – The Duet” in the production ‘The NEXT’, 2012. As co-musical director for ‘Tchaikovsky On Gamelan’ alongside Ng Siu Yee, he also won the ‘Best Musical Director’ award at the 12th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. Jack (along with former member Thong Yong How) also added the ‘Best Music & Sound Design’ award for ‘After Dark in Tepak Tari – Program A’ by MyDance Alliance to his name, at the 13th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. 


ABOUT Karen Hii
Percussionist/Costumer Manager/Education and Outreach Department Assistant

Karen Hii is a theatre performer with years of stage experience beginning from the age of five. She is interested in the study of historical events and exploring traditional arts and culture. She started out in performing arts with dancing classes at five and discovered more talent with different music instruments and acting. Karen holds a Certificate of Distinction for a Diploma in Performing Arts from Sunway University’s Department of Performance and Media, 2014. During her studies in Sunway, she choreographed ‘When I Was a Kid’, ‘Bangkit’, ‘1Million Ringgit’ and produced ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ for her final year project. After her graduation, she worked as a freelancer and one of her projects was the ‘Borak Arts Series 2014’ with My Performing Arts Agency as an artist coordinator. 

Karen has been a full-time percussionist with HANDS Percussion since 2015 and has since been touring and exploring her performing arts journey with fellow members in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Taiwan and many other places. She is currently the 24 Festive Drums Troupe coach at HELP Institute, KL and is also the group’s Costume Manager. Karen is currently working on an Exchange Theatre program directed by Gregory Henna from France.