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ABOUT D for Dancing
 “D for Dancing”,  the in-house dance programme of Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), aims to cultivate artistic exchanges in professional practices by presenting inspirational local dance performances, and to also invite international dance artists for collaborative residencies.  From classical ballet to contemporary dance, “D for Dancing” is uniquely dedicated to dance enthusiasts through the introduction of expressive performances and organising dance-related workshops, talks and performance previews. 

The Place Where Dance Lives.

Placing dance as focus, DPAC aims to be Malaysia’s leading dance performance space uniquely dedicated to broaden and raise dance standards in Malaysia through quality educational programmes, complemented with quality productions from local and international artists.

Our resident dance programme D for Dancing, aims to promote artistic exchanges through the invitation of  international dance artists to our residencies also It will bring  the very best in  both local and international dance scenes to performing arts audiences in Malaysia. In the education realm, DPAC’s Dancer’s Training Programme (DTP) aims to provide training in professional practice to young and passionate dancers. DTP aims to prepare these young dance enthusiasts for to learn, perform and teach professionally in educational institutions and performing arts-related companies.

D for Dancing takes two forms. One is named “International Performance”;  the other, “International Residency”

Programmes curated for the International Performance scheme will obtain full sponsorship in the provision of the performance space in DPAC. DPAC will present these programmes in our performance venue. For programmes selected under the “Joint Production” scheme, DPAC will seek collaboration with these performing arts groups (international) in presenting them in our performance venue. Another important aspect of a healthy Malaysian dance industry is artistic exchanges, The International Residency scheme promotes the development of collaborative projects involving international dance artists, undertaking bold collaborations with dance artists in Malaysia in presenting new works. 

In another important initiative, DPAC annually presents new works from our DPAC Dance Company, showcasing creative works of our very own local dance artists.