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Programme Description
Imagine a diverse panel of significant minds: artists, activists, academics, media personalities, and maverick thinkers. Imagine an inquisitive public assailing them with hard-hitting questions. And the host moderator adding fuel to fire. Imagine a talk show where almost anything goes. Insightful. Incisive.  Invigorating. 

POKE&PROBE is a created and presented by Vernon Adrian Emuang together with a guest co-moderator. A diverse panel is assembled each time and the attending public are invited to submit beforehand their own questions. A selection of questions, and their owners, is featured at each show. The ensuing consequences will push the boundaries of spontaneity, candour and honesty. 

The ‘Hybridity' Series for the festival features guests whose lives and work involve racial, social, cultural, and occupational ‘hybridity’. Hear from Malaysian personalities who could easily choose more than one box to tick for ‘race’, activists working to bridge the diverse communities in the country, and experts in various fields converging diverse mediums, genres and issues of the times.

Artist Statement

POKE&PROBE is a new take on the talk/forum format that Malaysians are familiar with. This new format is an effort to encourage greater direct participation from the public and less restraint on issues. Watch, listen and learn how healthy discussions, provocative debates and honest disagreements can be dealt with rationality, sensibility and good humour. Judicious doses of intelligence and irreverence will ensure a compelling afternoon of edge-of-the-seat edutainment. Kind of like following a thread on ‘social media’ but the experience is ‘live’ and in 3D. 

Vernon Adrian Emuang

[Above] The first show of the Poke & Probe on 5 April 2014.

2nd ARTalk is Coming Soon!

Date & Time: 26 April (Sat) 5.00pm
Venue: Black Box, DPAC
Ticket: RM18, inclusive of RM3 handling fee
Speakers: Ivan Heng, Marina Mahathis, Dr. Stefanue Pillai & Dr. Lee Su Kim

DPAC Arts Festival 2014  (3rd-27th April)