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Baba Nyonya in Dream

An interactive  exhibition 

Programme Description

Malaysians have always lived in the cultural sphere of Baba & Nyonya, thus this expresses an organic evolution of the culture.Mutual appreciation and acceptance are the most gracious displays of human nature.The Baba & Nyonya heritage has not only highlighted multiculturalism from the grassroots, but has also interestingly transformed into an unique cultural ecosystem with local cultures.The visual arts exhibition further incorporates the research of traditional motive and visual representatives.

About the Artist

Lee Swee Keong was professionally trained in fine arts. After graduating, for a number of successful years, he was actively involved in window displays, events set-up and product launches in the high-fashion industry.

He is, therefore, extremely sensitive to the use of colours and the sense of space. His creative work is evidently shown in his performing arts productions which use visual details and effects immensely.

He is now a well-known choreographer in Malaysia, an artistic director and is virtuous of Nyoba-kan, the leading Butoh Dance Company in the country. Nyoba-kan has consistently showcased  high artistic achievements especially in visual designs.

Programme Information

Date & Time: 3 - 27 April (Daily) 11.00am - 9.00pm
Venue: DPAC
Ticket: Free admission