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Festival Commission - Comedy MEETS Reality 

Kuah Jenhan: Good, Bad, Nasty!
Stand-Up Comedy (and more) In English

 "I'm not that guy anymore, I'm a #badboi now. #OMGhesohot"

Programme Description

“Look, if you had ONE SHOT, or ONE OPPORTUNITY to seize everything you ever wanted. ONE MOMENT Would you capture it or just let it slip?” 
Eminem (Famous white poet)

Kuah Jenhan: Good, Bad, Nasty! is a stand-up comedy show about a journey of self discovery and the intuition about what makes him do the things he does when it comes to socialising, dating and trying to understand the opposite sex… and failing miserably. 

Nice guys finish last? He doesn’t want to anymore. In his own words, “I’m not that guy anymore, I’m a bad boi now! And the girls scream #OMGhesohot!”

Just like his favourite box of Lego, this show is for audiences from the ages 8 to Patrick Teoh.

Artist Statement
Kuah Jenhan always strives to bring comedy that is honest, relatable and real even if it means looking under the carpet where the shame-dust is usually swept. He believes that if you can learn to laugh about things, you can learn to accept them too. So, allow him to invite you into his bubble, and see things the way he does.

Artistic Team

Kuah Jenhan and some lovely kids.

Programme Information

Date & Time: 26 - 27 April (Sat - Sun) 3.00pm & 8.30pm
Venue: Black Box, DPAC
Ticket: RM38, inclusive of RM3 handling fee