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Open Stage Programme Schedule (Free Admission)

Day 1  5 April 2014 (Sat)  CANCELLED

Day 2  6 April 2014 (Sun) 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Performer: Kuala Lumpur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra (KLJPO)

Day 3  12 April 2014 (Sat) 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Performer: Amanda & Faye (Singing with ukulele)

Performer: Fazz (Singing)

Performer: Ahmad Riyal Husni (Beatboxer)

Day 4  13 April 2014 (Sun) 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Performer: Tan Xing Kang & Friends (singing)

Performer: Amanda & Faye (Singing with ukulele)

Performer: Fazz (Singing)

Performer: Ahmad Riyal Husni (Beatboxer)

Day 5  19 April 2014 (Sat) 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Performer: Kuala Lumpur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra (KLJPO)

Day 6  20 April 2014 (Sun) 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Performer: La Voce Choir 

Performer: Vivo Experimental Orchestra 

Day 7  26 April 2014 (Sat) 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Mixed Martial Arts Workshop (free in charge) Come and join!

Day 8  27 April 2014 (Sun) 5.00pm - 6.00pm
The Kinesphericals (Contact Improvisation)

Performer: UPSI Faculty of Music and Performing Arts (Dance)

Performer: Bekas Journal Production Team (Drama)

Wanna be a part of the programme? Enroll now!

Peformance Submission Open to
Dance routine         i.e street dance, belly dance, contemporary dance, classical ballet and etc
Street Performance   i.e magic show, fire show, circus arts, flash mob and etc
Clowning or Comedy routine
Any physical performing arts
Any arts/craft workshops

How to Get to Peform at the Open Stage:
STEP    1:   Download and fill-out the Open Stage Application Form (in page 4 of this proposal)
STEP  2:   Mail the completed form to Maggie (maggie.ong.dpac@gmail.com).
STEP  3:  Awaiting our confirmation. All performance application must be submitted ONE WEEK BEFORE your applied date! (Keep in mind your performance does not necessarily need to be finished by this time.) 

Successful groups are required to submit RM100 as deposit and it is refundable after the performance.

Rules and Etiquette
Please read the rules and etiquette to follow while on-stage are applicable to all types of performances, and include:

Following all directions given by the Festival Coordinator, written or verbal
No rudeness, discrimination or misbehaviour will be tolerated
Performer recognizes and accepts that the Festival Coordinator can cancel the act, should it be required for safety.
Upon early cancellation of an act due to the latter, the performer has the right to claim a re-schedule, which will require approval of the Festival Coordinator
Acts are limited in time to a standard of 10 to 15 minutes including set-up time. Any act that is longer, requires a previous approval from the Festival Coordinator or risks being cancelled during execution, without the possibility of a claim.
Any offer for any product or service made in or through this Festival is prohibited.
There are inherent risks associated with the performing arts. As an entrant to the Open Stage event, you assume full responsibility for personal injury to yourself, injuries caused to other persons by your actions and for any other loss or property damage resulting from your actions at the Open Stage.
DPAC reserves the right to deny you going on stage because of inappropriate dress, hygiene or props.
Please advise our Festival Coordinator if any special or dangerous action in your performance in advance.
No fee/payment is involved in this Open Stage Project.
DPAC reserves the right to change any and all rules you see here at any time without prior notice.