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DPAC Arts Festival 2014  (3rd-27th April)

Festival Commission - Art MEETS Politics

2 minute solos - art meets politics 
Part of tenTenTEN - Five Arts Centre's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Can you get your message out of 2 minutes?

Description by Marion D'Cruz

12 people - 6 artists and 6 'political types' are invited to each create a 2 minute solo. 

The audience will be in groups of 10 people per group. A group of 10 will go into a space and watch a solo. They will then move on to the next solo in a new space. 
When the show starts, all 12 groups of audience will be in the 12 different spaces. All 12 solos will start at the same time. When the 2 minutes is up, each audience group will move to the next space following a map. This will go on till all 12 groups of audience have seen all 12 solos.

2 minute solos aims to:
•To dismantle and deconstruct present notions of performance and find new ways of making performance;
•To challenge participants to ‘get your message out in 2 minutes’;
•To use and reimagine the DPAC space in a different way;
•To democratize the creative space by inviting artists and non-artists to participate;
•To create an unusually intimate relationship between the performer and the audience.

Artist statement

[Above] Marion D'Cruz. Photo by James Quah

I have many approaches to art making depending on many things. But the body is always the entry point and always very present. I started choreographing with mathematical precision on trained and semi-trained bodies. Then I went into improvisation with trained and un-trained bodies. I have also been interested in the democratization of the artistic space. I believe there is a performer in everyone. 
Now, I just want to create structures for people to play and make performance. 
Right now I am very influenced by the state of the nation and this feeds into the content of the work as well as into the form of the work and into the method of working. My work is also very interdisciplinary and multi-layered with many possible readings and interpretations. 
I believe an artist has the privilege of being able to stand within society and at the same time to stand on the edge of society and look at it, reflect and then make the work the art. The artist needs to provoke, stimulate, educate, entertain, make people think. The artist needs to talk about things no one else wants to talk about. The artist needs to re-look at situations and ideas and re-present them. The artist must be brave and honest, making work that is full of integrity. The art that the artist makes must change people.

Marion D'Cruz

[Above] 2 minute solos premiere at Five Arts Centre in 2013. Photo by Huneid Tyeb

Artistic Team

Commission Artist: Marion D'Cruz

Participants / Performers:
Mark Teh
Ann Lee
Lee Ren Xin
James Lee
Ryan Lee Bhaskaran
Chuah Chong Yong
Fahmi Fadzil
Umapagan Ambikaipakan
Hari Azizan
Zainah Anwar (performed by Sharifah Aleysha)
Marina Mahathir
Ivy Josiah

Programme Information

Date & Time: 12 - 13 April (Sat - Sun) 3.00pm & 8.30pm
Venue: DPAC
Ticket: RM38, inclusive of RM3 handling fee